January 5, 2016

Tonight the storm blows in from the sea.
This full black night.
The glorious wind again and again.
El Nino, they say.
Tu eres La Mujer.

Your seas and rivers,
Your hand wet with dew.
Your hair glistening rain.

In daylit January, we stood there near the sea,
And all the light struggled,
Blank and rich and weak.
When the day died,
You went toward shadow.

Tonight, the wind carries me.
On the howl and the trees moaning.
I hear your singing.
The longing gone down into bone.

There was that moment,
That one time when time
Let us go.

We walked these trails,
Arm in arm,
The sun raging clean.

You spoke in delicate phrases.
My hand in yours,
My eyes filled with rain.

My heart gone now.
Dying in your hands.